Dawn Mantras (1999)

Dawn Mantras (also known as Breath of the Spirit) was composed especially for the Dawn Performance which took place on the sails of the Sydney Opera House at sunrise on the first day of the new millennium and was telecast live to an estimated audience of two billion people around the world. Its simple message of hope for the future is expressed in languages of the Asia – Pacific region and its musical resources reflect Australia’s cultural diversity. Dawn Mantras is available on CD and video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was first performed by Ellena Baroni (child soprano), Riley Lee (shakuhachi), Sandy Evans (tenor saxophone), Matthew Doyle (didjeridoo), The Sydney Children’s Choir directed by Lyn Williams and The Sydney Chamber Choir directed by Nicholas Routley.



Recorded by the Sydney Children’s Choir, Cantillation, Jane Sheldon, Lyn Williams, Brian Nixon, Ian Cleworth, Jim Franklin, Matthew Doyle and Rixon Thomas.

On the CD Life is Beautiful, Volume 1
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On the CD The Joy of Being – Guided Meditations and Music with the Lifeflow Meditation Centre and Ross Edwards
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On the CD Legends & Dreams
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On the CD Eternity – The Timeless Music of Australia’s Composers

On the CD Kalkadunga Yurdu
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Available through the Australian Music Centre
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